Widgeteering Q-Widget

About Q-Widget

For use as a QLab Remote, Ableton Remote, SCS Remote, SFX Remote, or MIDI Remote in supported applications, with dual USB outputs and a footswitch GO jack.

The Q-Widget-PRO is a simple and dependable show-control remote for QLab, Ableton, Show Cue Systems’ SCS, Stage Research’s SFX, and any other application with MIDI support.

Built with the highest quality components, the Q-Widget-PRO is designed to work as hard as you do.

  • Dual USB output for backup systems

  • Footswitch jack as an alternate “GO” input

  • Broadcast-grade switches and encoder

  • Zero-latency, double-go protected firmware

Available with MIDI or Legacy Qlab mode

The Q-Widget comes preinstalled with your choice of firmware. We recommend the MIDI version in most cases. The Legacy QLab Mode is a specific mode intended for users of Figure53’s QLab 3, when a MIDI license in not activated in QLab – this mode requires a driver and is no longer maintained as of OS X 10.12.

Why not Wireless, or an iPad/iPhone App?

Don’t take the chance that your Wifi signal is lost at the critical moment you need to fire a cue. Ethernet packets by design can go missing and have to be re-sent, adding latency to your cues. When cue playback for a show is mission-critical, a wired remote is the ONLY reliable way to go.

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